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Do we offer great pricing with a wide variety of home loans? Yes we do as part of a direct lending financial institution, we have access to the best possible rates and the most programs under one roof. While that is certainly a differentiator, it is our approach to lending that our clients find set us apart.

Our team can help you navigate the best products and structures to maximize the financial benefit of owning real estate. We help our clients build real estate portfolios that can be positioned for generational wealth and security. It is easy to miss some of the opportunities available in real estate while you focus on family and business. Our team will identify opportunities for consideration and help you execute on those plans.

We have built a team of experts in their respective fields that make the process of creating rental income and tax write-offs much easier than what most people expect. We explain the benefits of programs like the Jobs Act which allow active landlords to pull forward appreciation in a way that can recover as much as 70% of a typical 20% down payment needed to purchase an investment property.

We show our clients how to leverage their real estate and qualify for loans using projected rental income rather than tax returns to qualify. We also introduce concepts like the all in one loan which can reduce the typical 30 year mortgage term to less than a 15 year payoff with the same monthly payment. We can also provide our large clients with residential home loans of up to $30M that are cross collateralized to eliminate the need for a down payment.

We love helping clients meet their financial objectives. So if you are considering your first step into the real estate market, or building your real estate empire we can help. Call us today to find out more.

Meet our Team

Ted Hicks

Ted Hicks is a seasoned Mortgage Loan Officer with an impressive track record since 2007. Known for his ability to navigate complex mortgage scenarios, Ted has earned a reputation as the go-to lender for saving deals that others can't. His deep understanding of mortgage guidelines, various programs, and innovative solutions sets him apart in the industry.

Ted's commitment extends beyond traditional work hours, offering weekend availability and rapid response times, emphasizing the importance of diligence and communication in every transaction.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs, Ted leverages over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience to excel in structuring loans for this demographic, ensuring their needs are met efficiently.

Additionally, his expertise with investors, including strategies for fix-and-flips, DSCR loans, and improving bottom lines, demonstrates his comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market.

As a licensed realtor with years of experience, Ted's multidimensional understanding of the industry makes him a valuable asset to his clients, whom he serves with trustworthiness, knowledge, and a steadfast commitment to getting the job done.

Scott Benson

Scott Benson is a seasoned and licensed loan officer with East Coast Capital, boasting an impressive tenure in the home loan industry since 2007. With deep-seated expertise in navigating the complex financial landscapes of the self-employed, Scott has earned a sterling reputation for his exceptional ability to demystify intricate income scenarios and his unwavering commitment to securing loan approvals under challenging circumstances. Known among realtors for his knack for making difficult loans possible and streamlining the process for more straightforward cases, Scott stands out as a pivotal figure in the mortgage sector.

At East Coast Capital, a distinguished mortgage banker, Scott has the unique advantage of being able to process loans in-house or broker them to other lenders, ensuring a tailored and efficient service for each client. His approach is further bolstered by an in-house underwriting team, readily available to dissect and address unusual borrower scenarios, guaranteeing the best positioning for loans and fostering confidence among his clientele.

Beyond his notable achievements in the mortgage industry, Scott Benson is also a highly accomplished entrepreneur and distinguished C-suite executive with over a decade of experience in scaling companies from their nascent stages to successful third-party exits. His leadership tenure spans across consumer products, media, and IT sectors in North America, where he has been instrumental in driving companies toward unprecedented growth. Scott's strategic prowess and insightful understanding of market dynamics have consistently enabled him to harness technology in seizing emerging opportunities, making him a visionary in every sense.

For borrowers, Scott's rich background translates into a remarkable blend of industry-specific expertise and broad business acumen, ensuring they receive unparalleled advice and service. Whether navigating the complexities of home loans or leveraging his entrepreneurial experience for strategic insights, Scott Benson is dedicated to empowering his clients with the knowledge and tools necessary for making informed decisions in their homeownership journey.

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Real Estate Mortgage Insiders consists of a highly experienced team of mortgage loan officers and real estate professionals. Our loan officers are proud members of East Coast Capital. Real Estate Mortgage Insiders is renowned for providing tailored financing solutions for a variety of real estate projects. With an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service, Real Estate Mortgage Insiders empowers borrowers to secure funding options that perfectly match their individual requirements.


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